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Codan/Barrett thread adapters 1/2", 3/8 UNF, 14mm, 12mm Various stainless steel antenna thread adapters. 1/2" BSW, 14mm, 12mm, 3/8 UNF.. Product #: 142

Codan/Barrett thread adapters 1/2", 3/8 UNF, 14mm, 12mm

Male to Male Antenna Stud/Thread adapter to Codan 9350/8558 Antenna / Barrett 2019 / US & Euro markets.

Available in three models (Only one adapter supplied):

1/2" BSW to 14mm - Aussie antenna thread to Codan 9350
1/2" BSW to 3/8" UNF - Aussie antenna thread to USA/European
14mm to 12mm - Codan 9350 to Codan 3040 spring

Hand made - High Quality Stainless Steel construction.
Hard to get hold of - Not normally available as a spare part!

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