How Codan Derive Model Numbers



Now before we get into it, this is information i have gathered from many other people

including my "peers". So please don't flood me with emails if the information is a little 

incorrect or sound a little far fetched. If you have better more informed information i 

would be grateful in hearing from you so i can correct what i have written here.



Model numbers are derived from the year of manufacture and the revision in development 

stage. Now for example 7727 series radio's, 1977 being the year of manufacture and 27

being the revision before actual production, other variants are shown as "B", "C", or "TB"

The development stage is where a company continues to improve on a product before its

released to the world. This is not a hard and fast rule as some products like the Codan 

HF1000 & 2000 series including the 4000 series (4404) just doesn't apply here.

For those out there who repair these radio's, its my experience that you never come

across two radio's exactly the same, there are always some small differences in

component values, hence many service manuals are required to cover the different

revisions or modifications posted after manufacture.