AWA Teleradio TR105 SSB Portable HF Transceiver



The AWA TR105 transceiver was a 5 watt portable unit issued to search and rescue squads during the 1970s-1980s.

The radios were primarily used for long range communication by SAR field parties operating in rugged bush or 

mountain terrain. Some units were also available for use on HF frequencies allocated for exclusive police use in areas

 not covered by the VHF police network.

In the SAR role these radios operated on the international SAR channels of 5680 kHz (day) and 3023 kHz (night) in 

the SSB upper sideband mode. For police use the frequencies were 2232 KHz (night) and 5455kHz (day)

Powered by 8 x "D" batteries, they required the erection of a long wire antenna for reliable communication.

These radios were used by both police and volunteer search parties for communications with field HQ stations operated

by the Amateur Radio Emergency Corps (AREC).

Subsequently replaced by the smaller and lighter Condor portable HF radio and Tait VHF portables for short 

range communication.


     TR105 packed in carry bag                      TR105 transceiver with battery pack



This example is labeled with the radio callsign ZLKS57 indicating it was allocated to the Wellington Police District 

for use on Police frequencies.


Thanks to the NZ Police Museum, Porirua from the photograph.