AWA Forestphone FP-1

This is a small AM transceiver made by Amalgamated Wireless Australasia (AWA) and is a type lN63609. 

This example is serial number 62 and at a guess was made in about 1970. It is a single channel radio that has a crystal

 for each channel, and an IF frequency of 45 5khz. The receive crystal is 455khz higher than the transmit crystal. 

The radio is intended for vehicle or portable use. It is completely transistorised, and uses AWA and RCA brand transistors. 

The receiver has one RF amplifier, and a crystal locked mixer on one printed circuit board (PCB). The other receiver 

PCB has two double tuned IF amplifiers and an audio preamplifier. There is a volume control and a built in speaker. 

There two 2N3 879 power transistors in the transmitter final and two 2N2870 in the audio/modulator. The transmitter 

has a small PCB for the oscillator and driver. There is a small meter for RF output There are two aerial sockets with 

two loading coils (toroids), and a switch labeled Mob (for mobile) and Port (for portable). There is an RF tune control. 

The radio runs from 1 2volts DC and has a 4 pin miniature Painton plug on the front panel. It has a permanently fixed 

microphone with a PTT button.

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