Barrett 660 Telephone Interconnect


Power Input  13.8 V DC (10 - 15 V), 9 ~Vo1ts.

Scanning Capacity  9 Channels maximum.

Number Capacity  98 Pre-programmed numbers

Display  32 Character backlit LCD.

Indicators  5 LED.

Ambient Temperature:  0 to 50C

Humidity 99% non condensing.

PTT System  Automatic VOX or manual PTT.

Signaling Modes  DTMF or Decadic.

Control Mode DTMF only.

Dialed Number :15 digit maximum.

Controls  Analogue On/Off,Volume.15 Digit keypad Standard hand microphone.

Dimensions  2 U High, 19 Rack mount. (483mm W x 270mm D x 88mm H) 

  Weight  4.9   kg.

Supervisory Control  Local control or down line control via on board modem utilising V.22bis (2400 BPS).

Telecom Line  Standard 2 wire automatic exchange.

Hybrid System  Continuously dynamically balancing system, yielding and maintaining immediate service under all user configurations.

Message System  On board synthesised voice directs telephone users through all functions. Three recorded messages programmable by the user.

Power Supply Barrett 522.

Transceiver Barrett 550 module.

Antenna Barrett 512 Broadband.