Barrett 501 Solar Power Supply

The 501 series solar power supplies are complete packages designed to power

communication equipment in locations where AC mains is unreliable or not available.


Solar supply BC50101 is a light duty unit designed to power a single transceiver over

an 8 hour period with 1 hour of transmission and a 7 day ‘nO sun” reserve.


Solar supply BC50102 Is a heavy duty unit designed to power a complete data transmission

station, Including computer and printer over a 24 hour stand-by period with S hours

of transmission and a 3 day “no sun” reserve.


Both packages consist of solar panels complete with mounting frames, solar regulator,

deep cycle maintenance free batteries and connection kit. They are supplied packed in

an airfreight standard wooden crate complete with assembly instructions.


Either solar supply is available complete or without batteries, If required