Barrett SB250


Build dates 1987-1993 approx.


2-18Mhz, USB only - I believe that there was a LSB firmware option, but I've never

actually ever seen it in operation.


These radios have a Land or Marine Mode - Land mode enables RFDS Call, and

Marine mode enables 2182 (AM) with international emergency tone.


255 Channels. Normally there are about 100 pre-programmed (eprom) channels

You can also program about 25 channels from the front panel.


100Watts PEP output



                                                     Barrett SB250RC


                                           Standard SB250 Local



Selcall & Telcall

Selcall was an optional extra in the 250, so if you have the need for selcall

ensure that it actually has a board fitted under the bottom cover panel.

Only the later model  SB250 radios with V4 firmware & telcall option can make

direct dial telephone calls. See below for selcall board picture.


Barrett 250 selcall board-

Note the four blue dials for setting your selcall self ID No.

The first digit (1000s) of your selcall No is set on the dial closest to the back

of the radio.




Ex WA police radios

The 250 lost some of its good reputation when in about 2006, a heap of Ex WA

police SB250s were sold en-Masse (approx 200) via a disposal house in Perth.

These radios had the Head processor, Selcall processor and channel eprom

removed before being released to the public.

The non standard  keypad on these radios were also not suitable for use as a 4WD land mobile .

A lot of these "Totally useless" radios ended up on online auction sites etc,

and quite a few buyers were disappointed to discover that they had bought a lemon.

Once the word got out about these "Dud Radios", people became very wary

about buying a SB250.

Late in 2006 an upgrade Kit was developed which allow people to turn their

Ex police 250 into a standard Land Mobile SB250 with selcall/telcall.

If you still have one of these "Ex WA Cop" radios lying around, there are still

limited numbers of these kits available at


 The Dreaded Western Australian Police Department Remote Head.


                                          Replacement Front Keypad