Barrett SB220

The SB220 and SB220RC transceivers are compact single conversion fully broadband transceivers rated at 180 watts P.E.P voice duty cycle.

(In Australia and New Zealand power is reduced to 100 watts P.E.P to conform to local specifications.)


Both models are available in 12 or 24 volt versions.


  Standard Features.

On/Off volume.

Variable threshold Mute. (voice frequency operated.)

Impulse noise blanker.

12 channel capacity. * See below.

2 to 18.1 Mhz frequency coverage.

2 frequency simplex operation.

Two tone generator. Export.

RFDS emergency call. Australia.

Single tone generator for checking power output and aerial performance.

Channel/Frequency indicator. (l.e.d.)

Data Port. Facilitates radio telex or non standard selcall systems.

High intensity led. power indicators.


The SB220 is available in two versions. Semi synthesized, crystal locked and fully synthesized reprogrammable in the field.

Onboard reprogramming circuitry gives unlimited channel capacity and obviates the need to attend a service centre to have frequencies changed.


The Semi synthesized version is available from November 1986 the reprogrammable version will be available 1987.


Reliability and Serviceability

The SB220 is a highly reliable transceiver evolved from our F-24 aircraft HF Transceiver. Special attention to serviceability during the design of the SB220 makes servicing, if required, efficient and inexpensive.


To improve reliability and serviceability the circuit boards are not placed one on top of the other. Further no PCB plugs into any other. The transceiver has only two main circuit boards, these being the IF. and P.A. They are located one on each side of a central metal deck and are independently connected via a very simple loom to each other. This concept means that every part of the circuitry is accessible without extender cables or jigs. No special test equipment is required to fault find the equipment. When removed for service the IF. board may be powered up from the transceiver.


The front panel swings down to allow changing any of the front panel controls and/or loudspeaker.


The SB220 family of transceivers is suitable for base station or vehicle installation. Many features which are optional (if available) on other manufacturers equipment are standard on the SB220. The SB220 may be internally fitted with a number of types of selcall system. Connection of ARQ radio telex systems and Packet Data systems is facilitated via the standard data port.


Via this port any non standard modem or selcall system can be accommodated.


The transceivers have very high speed switching TX/RX functions to permit the connection of ARQ telex systems. Special circuitry suppresses any extraneous noise associated with the TX/RX switching process. This ensures maximum speed of transmission of data.

The transceiver is lightweight and physically small. For vehicles with very limited space the SB22ORC is recommended.


Options available are: Bolt on heat sink for Data Transmission.

Digital selcall.

Channel scanning tied to selcall.

ARQ Radio telex.

Packet Radio Data Transmission.

Channel frequency synthesizer, with onboard reprogrammable memory for unlimited channel capacity. (Available 1987).

A complete range of accessories including aerials, power supplies, remote control systems and data transmission equipment.



Seimens Stipple Grey case. Black epoxy powdercoat front panel with white lettering.



SB220 including cradle and microphone. 4.01 kg.

SB22ORC 5 to 6 kg depending on the length of interconnect cable.



SB220                                                            SB22ORC
W.250mm H.90mm. D.3lOmm                        W.155mm H.9Omm D.llOmm.
                                                                      Control Head.
                                                                      Main Unit as per SB220.

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