Codan 9350 Autotune Antenna

CODAN Mobile HF Antenna 9350



Frequency range                Primary whip top
                               Transmit operation: 2–30 MHz
                               Secondary whip top
                               Transmit operation: 2.5–30 MHz
                               Receive-only (Scan mode/Free Tune Receiver mode):
                               250 kHz – 30 MHz
Power rating                   125 watts PEP (voice)
Power consumption              Static: 150mA
                               Tuning: 1 A
                               (12 V DC nominal—supplied from the transceiver)
Input impedance                50 ohms: VSWR typically 1.5:1
Temperature                    –40 to +60°C
Tuning speed                   5.5 seconds over full range 2–30 MHz
                               (typically 2 seconds for generally used operating
                               range e.g. from 3–7 MHz or 7–22 MHz)
Size and weight                Primary whip: 2.47 m; 5.8 kg



RF input power
It is rated for maximum voice power of 125 watts PEP.---Needs at least 10 watts or so to tune.

Receive pre-amplifier
When in Scan or Free Tune Receiver mode, a receive pre-amplifier is activated.


Antenna Control Cable Wiring


9350 Antenna Control Cable

Wiring  Info for 85xx/9xxx radios:

15 pin D                         6 Pin Mil. Connector                    Configuration

12, 13                            A                                                    +12VDC

14,15                             B                                                    Gnd

4                                   C                                                    Tune

5                                   D                                                    Scan

11                                 E                                                    Tuned Indicator

 -                                   F                                                    Not Used