CODAN 9103

CODAN HF Automatic Antenna Tuner—fixed station antennas

The CODAN 9103 HF Automatic Antenna Tuner has been designed for operating with most end-fed long wire and whip antenna systems in fixed land station applications.


In-built memory
A feature of the CODAN 9103 is the in-built memory. This stores the tuning configuration used to tune a particular channel frequency. The tuning configuration can be accessed within 10 milliseconds when that channel is used again. The memory is capable of storing hundreds of individual tuning configurations.

Easy to install and operate
Housed in a weatherproof case, the CODAN 9103 is supplied complete with mounting bracket, 10 or 30 m control and coaxial cables (please specify when ordering), and an installation and operation handbook.



Accessory code

163 - 1.8 m copper clad steel earth rod complete with copper strip and clamps

705 - Copper earth strip 50 mm x 0.46 mm (26 gauge) for connecting transceiver and tuner to an earth point



Power rating                       150 watts (PEP) voice only
Size and weight                    284 mm W x 70 mm D x 350 mm H; 3.5 kg
Power requirements                 12 V DC nominal (supplied from the
                                   CODAN transceiver or power amplifier) 0.9 A nominal
Input impedance                    50ohms, unbalanced
Length of single antenna           Whip (unloaded)
                                   3.65 m (12 ft) minimum
                                   8.8m (29 ft) recommended
Length of long wire antenna        Length of antenna feeder and earth connection
                                   — 3 m minimum
                                   Recommended maximum length — 15m
Operating temperature range        –35 to +70°C