Codan 8727


The type 8727 is a 10 channel, 100 watts PEP transceiver designed for both mobile and fixed base station installations.

With colour and styling based on the Inter­nationally accepted 8525 series G9-chennel synthesised transceiver, the type 8727 has been created for users who need e simple-to-operate, no frill crystal controlled communications package Incorporating the latest concepts in design technology and manufacturing reliability.

The type 8727 series comprises a front panel control transceiver which may be used for either fixed base station or mobile operation, and an extended control transceiver package which includes a transceiver fitted with a blank front panel and the type 8730 control head. This can be used for vehicle trunk3 or boot.

mounted applications as wells for fixed

station3 extended control installations Included as standard features of the transceiver are an impulse noise limiter circuit to reduce interference from vehicle Ignition and other similar sources of electrical noise. and a voice operated mute facility which effectively eliminates background noise in the absence of a signal The mute facility Is operator selected.

The design provides for a number of options to

be fitted — Including that of the Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service emergency cell system — and is offered with a full range of supporting hardware and accessories thus making the 8727 a versatile unit fitting a range of communication applications The 8727 series Is developed and manufactured by Codan, the largest Australian-owned manufacturer of HF SSB communications equipment and one that has achieved world-wide recognition with exports to some 90 counties.



Two channels are factory fitted as standard.



The 8727 transceiver may be used with any 50 ohm antenna system.

For fixed station applications the transceiver may be used with broadband antenna systems such as the code 402 or code 408 series for multi-frequency working into a single antenna

Alternatively, for limited channel operation, the transceiver may be used with the code 400-1 single frequency wire dipole antennas In conjunction with an antenna selector.

For mobile use there area number of antenna types available to suit most operator requirement Including the code 300 series multi-frequency tapped helical whip, the code 311 automatic frequency select helical whip and the type 5550 series automatic antenna tuning system.


AC power supply

For those fixed stations where AC main is available there are alternative power supplies for operation with the 8727.

The type 7113-B, designed to tickle charge a and-by lead acid battery as well as supply power to the transceiver, Incorporates a NC-BREAK facility which, on mains failure. automatically connects the battery to the transceiver without loss of operation. The mains voltage must be specified when ordering.

The type 8540 has been specifically designed to operate with the 5727 and therefore matches the transceiver In appearance and size, but It doss not incorporate the automatic no-break facility. The power supply has been designed to operate over the range of mains supply voltages and frequencies used throughout the world.


Frequency range

2 to 16 MHz

Crystal capacity


Channel capacity

10 single channel simplex

Two channels (7 & 9) may be 2-frequency simplex

Operating mode


Transmitted power output

100 watts (PEP). May be Internally set to any

output between 25 and 125 watts PEP

(approved to DCC Spec RB209 for 100 watts



Power on/off and Volume, Channel select

Clarifier Mode - USB/LSB*, Mute on/off and

Tune, Emergency Call*     *optional
Power on, Transmit

Primary voltage

I 2V DC nominal, negative earth

Reverse polarity and over-voltage protected

Primary power

Receive, 0.3A (no signal)

Transmit J3E average 3A

 J3E two tone B to 12A

Size and weight

8727 transceiver

250 mm W x 350 mm D x 78 mm H; 3.4 kg

(includes allowance for connectors and cable — excludes vehicle mounting cradle)


8730 control head

190mm W x 7Omm D x 78mm H; 1kg

(includes mounting bracket)



Case:    textured silver-grey

Pane:    matt black, white lettering


Ordering information

The following information has been given as a guide to the ordering descript on for either transceiver package. Additionally, the options and accessories should be selected and listed with the description to cover the spec tic operational requirements

8727    Front control 5% transceiver.

   Includes:  hand PTT microphone, DC power cord (6 metres), operating instructions, and installation handbook.

8727    Extended control SSB transceiver Induces: DC power cord (5 metres), operating instructions, installation handbook, and the type 8730 control head fitted with hand PT’ microphone, and control cab e (6 metres).



AS          Fit antenna selector/automatic antenna systems control socket.

BA         Fit operating channel single frequency simplex (specify frequency).

BB          Fit operating channel 2-frequency simplex (specify transmit and receive frequencies). Available on channels 7 and 9 only.

CA         Fit clarifier control — receive only. CB Fit clarifier control — transmit and receive.

   Fit RFDS emergency cal.

   Fit for LSB operation on y (in lieu of

   LSB which is standard tit). LU Fit for SB operation in addition to USB

PH          Fit headphone output.

PL           Fit extension loudspeaker output 4 ohms mm.).

PS           Fit selective call interface.


Equipment descriptions and spec4icatioris are subject to change ~ without  notice or obligation.


Accessory code

112         Vehicle installation hardware kit

117         Vehicle mounting cradle — front entry.

118         Vehicle mounting cradle — top or bottom entry.

120         Vehicle mounting cradle adaptor —permits 8727 to fit cradle code 108 (7727 series).

121         Module clamps (2) — locks 6540 to 8727 (and 8525).

154         Rack mounting frame (483 mm) for type 7113-B — mat silver-grey.

164         Rack mounting frame (463 mm) for type 8727 and type 8540 — mat silver-grey.

802         Headphone complete with cable and connector.

841         Desk microphone complete with cable and connector.

649         Extension loudspeaker.

650         Extension loudspeaker with In-built amplifier (1 2V DC operation).

654        Telephone handset complete with speaker switch, mounting cradle, cable and connector.

704         Vehicle Interference suppression kit

2029       Service manual for type 8727.


Type      AC power supply, 13 volts DC

7113-B   regulated, with NO-BREAK facility. Includes interface cable and handbook..


Type      AC power supply, 13.8 volts DC

8540      regulated. Includes interface cable.


        8727 Operating Instructions Supplied By David Collins VK4UNK