Codan 8528S


Type 8528S extended control SSB transceiver with type 8531 S control head

Primary voltage

8528S:       12V DC nominal — negative ground.

85288-H: 24V DC nominal with 200W and

400W power amplifier — isolated ground.


Primary power

Rated power (watts-PEP)        125    200    400

Receive (no signal):                  0.4A 0.4A 0.4A

Transmit J3E average:              3A      6A   11A

                J3E two tone:       9-12A   12A  23A



Power On/Off, Tune, transmit (TX) Power-Hi/Medium/Low, Scan, AM Mode, Mute On/Off, 2182 select, Volume-up (a):

down (<~ Clarifier up (~): down (~), free-tuning receiver — Tune Rx Frequency:

Slow up (-~-): Slow down (-.~-): Fast up (a):

Fast down (~), programmed channel frequency — Recall: Enter: numerical keypad 0-9, Emergency Call — Test: Call.



Mute On/Off, AM mode, Scan, transmit (Tx), transmit (Tx) Power-Hi / Medium/ Low.


Channel readout*

Back-lit liquid crystal display showing channel number, transmit and receive frequencies.

*Front panel control dimming of indicators (except Tx) and display available


Size and weight

85285 transceiver

270 mm W x 350 mm D x 90 mm H; 3.9 kg

(includes mounting cradle and rear


85318 control head

255 mm W x 90 mm H x 70 mm D; 0.9 kg

(includes mounting bracket)

Power amplifier type 4402

180 mm W x 320 mm H x 95 mm D; 3.5 kg

Power amplifier type 4404

235 mm W x 320 mm H x 125 mm D; 7.2 kg



Transceiver   case: Textured silver-grey panel: Lexan — matt black

Power amplifiers: matt black


Equipment descriptions and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.


Free-tuning receiver

The 8528S series marine transceiver may also be used as a free-tuning receiver covering the world broadcast bands and operating over the frequency range of 500 kHz to 25 MHz. Selected by operation of the front panel controls — Tune Rx Frequency’ the transceiver tunes through the frequency range in steps of 1 kHz (Fast) or 100 Hz (Slow) for fine tuning. The frequency is shown on the digital display.