Codan 8528

Frequency Range

250Khz to 30Mhz Rx

2Mhz to 24Mhz Tx (works well on 1.8Mhz with LF Option)

Channel Capacity

501 channel Max in Eprom-Realistically, you can fit about 250 Channels.

99 P Channels


SSB (A3J), USB & LSB (with LSB Option)

Standard Options

Selcall, Telcall, *Beaconcall (*with late model firmware)

Power Supply


Receive, 100mA

A3J average voice transmit 6A

A3H, A3J two tone transmit 10A

Transmitter Output Power

100Watts PEP


Will plug straight into a 9350 Autotune. AD board required for use with a 8558 Antenna.

 IF and Selectivity

Crystal Filter 1650kHz (SSB 300 - 2800Hz, 6dB; AM 3kHz 6dB)

SSB 70dB down at -1 and +4.2kHz



                                                                  8528 Local


                                                                   8528 Local


                           The Outback Hf Radiophone version of the 8528   ( Remote )


                                                     After Market Selcall Board


                                                              Original Selcall Board


             The Complete Setup. 8528,Outback Remote Head, 8558 Autotune Antenna + Whip.


                                                           Front Keypad Connector


8528 service and user manuals can be found at