Codan 8525B

Frequency Range

2 - 24MHz

99 channel in Eprom


SSB (A3J), USB,LSB (optional)


Optional Selcall

Power Supply

13.8 VDC

Receive, 100mA

6A average voice transmit

Transmitter Output Power

100Watts PEP


Broadband Base antenna / Multitap Antenna / 8558 (with AD or 8551 controller) or "plug and play" connection with the 9350

IF and Selectivity

Crystal Filter 1650kHz (SSB 300 - 2800Hz, 6dB; AM 3kHz 6dB)

SSB 70dB down at -1 and +4.2kHz

AM 60dB down at 12.5kHz



NOTE:- Identical cosmetic styling to the 8525A--Other than the selcall board, they are internally identical to the early model 8528.