Codan 8525A

8525 series


The 8525A transceiver ran from 1985 to about 1988, and was the first series of Synthesized transceiver built by Codan.



Up to 99 channels can be fitted in eprom.



The 8525 series may be used with any 50 ohm antenna system.

For fixed station applications, the transceiver may be used a broadband antenna system, and will plug straight into a 9350 mobile Autotune.

Will also work with a 8558 Autotune, if interfaced with a 8551 interface control unit.



Selective call

Digital selective call facilities based on CCIR recommendation 493-1 (Kyoto, 1978) may be fitted internally, or externally, to the transceiver to provide encode only or encode-decode capabilities. Refer to the listed options.

If the transceiver is required to operate with the externally connected selective call unit type 8422 series, or controller type 8511, it must be fitted with option PS to provide the correct interface facility.



A receiver scanning facility operating on voice signal is provided as standard. This facility, which can be programmed by the user, provides for a maximum of 15 selected channels to be scanned in sequence over a 15 second period. If so required, a user can select priority’ channels by programming the same channels more than once within the 15 entry sequence.

When selective call options SDE or SDEM are fitted a maximum of 6 selected channels will be scanned. In this mode the transceiver will automatically acknowledge that a call has been received by transmitting a ‘revertive’ signal back to the sender.


Frequency range

2 to 18 MHz general

Channel capacity


Operating mode

SSB (J3E) USB/*LSB (with LSB option)

Transmitted power output

100 watts (PEP)


Power On/Off, Tune, Audio Mute-on, S call

Mute~on*, Mute Off, Clarifier up (~), Clarifier

down (v), Channel up (&, Channel down (v),

Volume up (~), Volume down (v), Scan, Call*,

Emergency Call, Mode~USB/LSB*. *Optional

Display indication

Channel number


Mode~USB/LSB*, transmit (Tx), S call Mute*, Audio Mute, Called* *OptionaI

Primary voltage

12V DC nominal, negative ground. Reverse polarity and over-voltage protected.

Primary power

Receive 0.5 A (no signal)

Transmit J3E two tone: 11A

Size and weight

247 mm W x 315 mm D x 78 mm H; 3.3 kg

(excludes vehicle mounting frame)

8530 control head

190mm W x 70mm D 78 mm H; 1 kg

(includes mounting bracket)


Ordering information

The following information has been given as a guide to the ordering description for either transceiver package. Additionally, the options and accessories should be selected and listed with the description to cover the specific operational requirements.

8525       Front control SSB transceiver c/w membrane switch front panel and display. Includes: hand PTT microphone, DC power cord (6 metres), operating instructions, installation handbook and up to 20 programmed channels.

8525       Extended control SSB transceiver c/w blank front panel and option R. Includes: DC power cord (6 metres), operating instructions, installation handbook, up to 20 programmed channels, and the type 8530 control head fitted with hand PTT microphone, and control cable (6 metres).




BD Programme up to 50 additional channels (specify frequencies).

LU            Fit for LSB operation in addition to, or in lieu of USB (specify requirements).

*M            Fit CW facility.

*PH          Fit headphone output.

PS             Fit selective call interface.

*R             Fit extended /remote control interface.

SE2         Fit programmable 4 digit (internally preset) selective call encoder.

SDE        Fit programmable 4 digit (internally preset) selective call encoder/decoder.

SDEM    Fit externally programmable 4 digit (mesh) selective call encoder with (internally preset) decoder.

TDE Fit tone operated encoder/decoder.


~Available for front control transceivers only

Accessory code


112     Vehicle installation hardware kit.

117     Vehicle mounting cradle.

640      Telephone handset complete with cable and connector.

641      Desk microphone complete with cable and connector.

649      Extension loudspeaker.

650      Extension loudspeaker with in-built amplifier (1 2V DC Operation).

651      Programmer/computer with PROM writer cartridge and Codan plug-in 8525 software package.

652      Morse key complete with base, cable and connector.

653      Headphone complete with cable and connector.

704      Vehicle interference suppression kit.

721      Extended control to front control transceiver conversion kit — no selective call facility. Includes hand PTT microphone.

722      Extended control to front control transceiver conversion kit — fitted for SE2 or SDE selective call operation. Includes   hand PTT microphone.

723      Extended control to front control transceiver conversion kit — fitted with 4 digiswitches for SDEM selective call operation. Includes hand PTT microphone.

724      Front control to extended control transceiver conversion kit — includes Option R retrofit kit. Excludes the type 8530 control head.

2020    Service manual for type 8525 series.

Type    Control head complete with 6

8530    metres of interface cable fitted

with connectors and hand PTT microphone.


Option SS

            Fit control head for 5E2 or SDE internally programmable 4 digit selective call.


Option SM

            Fit control head for SDEM externally programmable 4 digit (mesh) selective call.



  NOTE:- Very similar cosmetically to the 8525B always check serial number plate. The serial number will either start with a "A" (8525A) or "B" (8525B).




                                           late model  


                                         late model VCO & Audio Board


                                          PA, Microprocessor & Selcall boards.



 Early model 8525A RF board VCO's have screw instead of solder lugs to seal cans. Note that this VCO board has the optional LSB crystal fitted (bottom R/H corner of photo).

Early remote heads (See A0261 in photo) had the Mic hard wired into the head, instead of 7pin socket.


          Early model serial number plate A0408