Codan 8121 Marine


Frequency range

2—13 2 MHz

Crystal capacity 10

Channel capacity 10

Any combination of single and two frequency simplex channels is available within the limits ot crystal capacity.

Operating modes SSB (J3E). Compatible AM A3E P4 H3E TX) selectable on 21 82 KHz

Transmitter power output 60 watts PEP J3E; 15 watt average H3E


Power On/Off and Volume; Channel Select;

Antenna, Tune, Load; Mode (AM, SSB, Tune),

TX Power High n/Low; Clarifier; Alarm Call*;

Mute On/Off and Preset Adjust *Optional

Indicator Lamps Transmit/Power on; Emergency channel selected

Primary voltage DC 12 or 24 V nominal, positive or negative ground.

                           Case is electrically isolated Reverse polarity protected.

Primary power

Receive:    0.25 A no signal)

Transmit:  J3E 12 V, 2.5 A average; 24 V, 1.5 A average

Size and weight

280mm W x 140mm H x 212mm D, 3.6 kg including mounting bracket


The case is matt silver-grey and the panel is matt black with white lettering  


Voice operated mute*

CW operation


AM compatible (2182 kHz only)

Impulse noise limiter*

Alarm call-signal generator*




The Type 8121 offers every boat user an economic, compact and professionally designed state-of-the-art transceiver that maintains the industry standard long established by our extensively used 6801-S series 100/120 Watt equipment.

The following proven design features are incorporated


Versatile antenna tuning and loading controls, all integral with the transceiver enabling efficient operation into virtually any marine antenna, including tuned or loaded whips, end-led long wire and jury-rigged antennas.


Clear and positive indication of correct antenna loading conditions by a front panel mounted long life lamp.


Operation from any 12 volt or 24 volt DC supply—of either negative or positive ground— effectively eliminating electrolysis problems Thick film and flow soldering techniques ensuring ultimate reliability.

All alloy (corrosion resistant) construction.


Options available

   A mute facility, operator selectable, eliminates background (atmospheric) noise in the absence of a signal.

   An impulse noise limiter which virtually eliminates interference from ignition and other similar sources during signal reception periods.

   An alarm signal generator complying with both International and Australian Department; of Communications Specifications This facility is internally fitted.

This product is designed, manufactured and guaranteed by Codan, the largest manufacturer in Australia of HF single sideband communications equipment and one that has achieved worldwide recognition with export to over 70 countries.


Accessories standard

Hand PTT microphone, Mounting bracket DC power cord, operating instruction card, Installation handbook.


Accessory code

BA   Fit operating channel single frequency simplex (specify frequency)

BB    Fit operating channel two frequency simplex (specify transmit and receive frequencies)

E       Ft alarm call generator facility

M      Fit CW facility

N      Fit noise limiter

PL.    Fit extension loudspeaker output

C       Fit voice operated mute facility



     066     Service manual for Type 8121
     113     Marine installation hardware kit
     114     Marine interference suppression kit
     155     Dynaplate grounding device
     604     Morse key with connector assembly
     605     Weatherproof extension loudspeaker


Alarm signal generator, Voice operated mute, Impulse noise limiter, CW operation are all optional.

The 8121 is a small marine radio, with internal tuner. The antenna connector stud and ground stud are on the back panel.

It comes in boatie black with white decals. Internally it is very similar to the 6924 Mk 2. This illustrates the remarkable

longevity of the core design - 1969 to the mid-80's, and many of these radios are still in use today.