Codan 7727-TB

In the 7515 & 7727 range of radios i have found that the early models have no letter designation, hence "I" have given them the letter A.

My findings show the early models are a 6 channel where the later models B, C, TB are all 10 channel models, this also reflected in the

Service Manual.

Alternative control heads

LSB operation~ in addition to USB)

Impulse noise limiter


Two-tone call encoder*

Automatic two frequency simplex*

Digital channel identity



The type 7727-TB transceiver is an alternative to the type 7727-C. The unit provides an identical performance capability but to overcome the under-dash space restrictions present in many modern motor vehicles this transceiver package has been specifically designed to permit trunk boot) mounting.

The design provides alternative control head configurations which incorporate a


digital display of channel identity and also permit inclusion of selective call

encode/decode controls.


Code 617 control head

This is for use with an external loudspeaker

and in consequence it is physically small and ideal for under-dash vehicle mounting. Each control head is shipped with a separate hangup loudspeaker (code 625) for installation in the most convenient position for the vehicle operator.


Code 619 control head

This alternative unit uses an internal

loudspeaker and therefore it is larger than the code 617 head, however it remains small

enough for under-dash mounting in many vehicles.



Both heads provide all transceiver control functions including, where required selective call; they are delivered with a 6 metre (other lengths to order) interface cable which has factory fitted connectors at each end. A mute facility, operator selectable, effectively eliminates background (atmospheric) noise in the absence of a signal.

An impulse noise limiter virtually removes interference from ignition and other similar sources during signal reception periods. A digital selective call facility based on CCIR recommendation 493 (Geneva 1972) may be fitted to the transceiver This can provide both encode only or encode/dec ode capabilities Separate product data sheets provide specific detail

Broadband block filtering in the transmitter output circuit means that the transceiver can be changed from one vehicle to another without technician adjustment.

The transceiver is produced and guaranteed for 12 months by an Australian owned and operated company which remains committed to the design, manufacture and marketing of HF SSB communications products.




The transceiver may be used with any 50 ohm antenna system.

For mobile applications                                it is most frequently installed in conjunction with code 300 series multi-fm uency (tapped) helical whip antennas or with the code 311 series automatic frequency select multi-channel whip antennas


Loudspeaker (Code 625)


Size and weight (with cradle)

140 mm W x 123 mm H x 64 mm D,  600 g






Frequency range

2—16      MHz

Crystal capacity


Channel capacity

1 0. Any combination of single and two frequency Simplex channels is available within the limits of crystal capacity

Operating mode


Transmitter power output

100 wafts PEP J3E

Primary voltage

1 2 or 24V DC nominal, positive or negative ground. Case is electrically isolated. Reverse polarity protected

Primary power

Receive 0.3A no signal)

Transmit: (J3E) 1 2V BA average, 24V 3A average

Size and weight

288 mm W x 93 mm H x 308 mm D, 4.2 kg


Case:   Matt silver-grey

Pane : Mat black, white lettering

Accessories standard)

Hand PTT microphone, DC power cord assembly 4 metres), Operating instructions, Installation handbook


Control Heads



Power on/off, Volume and Mute on/off,

Channel select, Mode—Tune/USB/LSB,

Clarifier , Emergency call*, Selective calling

controls  *optional

Indicator lamp

Transmit output

Size and weight

Code 6l7

178 mm W x 72 mm H x 105 mm D;  530 g

Code 619 (with cradle)

178 mm W x 72mm H x l5l mm D;  760g


Case:   Matt silver-grey

Panel:  Mail black, white lettering

Accessories (standard)

Mounting cradle(s), Control cable (6 m) with factory fitted connectors.




AS    Fit antenna selector/tuner control socket

BA   Fit operating channel single frequency simplex (specify frequency)

BB    Fit operating channel two frequency simplex (specify transmit and receive frequencies)

CA   Fit clarifier control — receive only

CB   Fit clarifier control —transmit and receive

E       Fit two-tone call encoder

L      Fit for LSB operation only (in Lieu of USB which is standard fit)

LU    Fit for LSB operation in addition to USB

PB    Fit balanced audio output. Low or high impedance (specify when ordering)

PS     Fit selective call interface

SE1   Fit fixed identity selective call encoder

SE2   Fit programmable internal preset) selective call encoder

SDE   Fit programmable internal preset) selective call encoder/decoder


Accessories code


059   Service manual for type 7727-TB

108   Vehicle mounting cradle

112   Vehicle installation hardware kit

600   Telephone handset complete with cable and connector

617   Extended local control head. Vehicle mounting. Includes control cable (6 metres) with factory fitted connectors, mounting cradles and external loudspeaker

619   Extended local control head. Vehicle mounting. Includes control cable (6 metres) with factory fitted connectors, mounting cradle and internal loudspeaker

704   Vehicle interference suppression kit



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