Codan 7208 Mk2


The Type 7208 Mk2 antenna tuner will couple any CODAN transceiver having a 50 ohm output Impedance to a single long wire antenna.

•  The tune is easy to use: a logging scale is provided to record the control settings thus facilitating rapid re-adjustment when changing channels.

•  The tuner is physically small and the appearance and finish matches CODAN transceivers.

•  An adjustable mounting bracket is provided.

•  2m (approx. 6 ft.) of co-axial cable is provided for connection to the transceiver.


ANTENNA LENGTH  12-30 m (40—100 ft) over full frequency range. Shorter antennas may be used if the lower frequencies are not required.


INPUT IMPEDANCE  50 ohms unbalanced

INPUT SOCKET    UHF co-axial

OUTPUT TERMINALS  Spring loaded Antenna and Ground

SIZE AND WEIGHT  225mmW x 130mm H x 190mm D    1.8Kg

                                    (8.9 ins W x 5.12 ins H x 7.5 ins D)  (4.0 lb)

FINISH       Case:        Mali Silver-Grey

                  Panel:         Mali Black

                                      White Lettering



1.    Connect the 7208 tuner to the transceiver, earth and antenna as detailed in the transceiver installation instructions.

2.   Select the desired channel, select AM or TUNE and switch transceiver ON Set LOAD to 6 and ANTENNA to B.

Transmit and slowly rotate the TUNE control locking for a peak in the meter reading.

If a peak cannot be found repeat using different ANTENNA positions.

When the peak is found rotate LOAD to find the position giving the highest meter reading retrimming TUNE if necessary.

Note the LOAD, TUNE and ANTENNA positions on the scale provided on the front of the tuner.

Each time the channel is re-selected LOAD and ANTENNA may be set from the logging scale.

TUNE must be adjusted for peak meter reading using the…………………..   incomplete.