Codan 7016


FSK Radio Teletype Terminal


    The Codan Type 7016 FSK Teletype Terminal provides the interface between a teleprinter unit and a transceiver (or the control unit of a remotely controlled transceiver).

    As a message is typed into the teleprinter, a mechanically coded pulse train of logic information is generated at its output. The coding is unique to the message being typed in and may vary between different types of teleprinter. Two audio tones are generated in the tone encoder of the FSK terminal and these are keyed on alternatively in sequence with the incoming logic information. The resulting tone output is then transmitted over a radio link.

    At the receiving end the tones are fed into the tone decoder of the FSK terminal. Here they are reconverted into logic information and this is fed into an associated teleprinter. A print out is then obtained from the teleprinter in accordance with the information printed in at the sending end.

    The above process is reversible hence a two way teletype link is established.

    The terminal provides tone input and output facilities such that it may be used directly with any conventional radio transceiver or remote control unit. Two separate muting systems are provided making it possible for the unit to be left unmanned in the teletype/receive condition. Left as such the teleprinter will respond only to received teletype tones and will print out teletype messages but will remain on received noise and speech. A feature minimising spurious triggering of the teleprinter.






Full service manual available issue 1 July 1972 order code 011 handbook number 024