Codan 7010

The 7010 Linear Amplifier is intended for use as a base HF SSB/AM transmitter, driven by a type 7021 HF SSB/AM exciter

housed in the same cabinet. Output powers of 1Kw or 500W PEP versions are available (others to special order).

The transmitters are either single channel or multi-channel (up to six), the single channel being manually tuned.

The multi-channel transmitters are automatically servo-tuned on channel change.

Both version are pre-wired for remote control.

The type 7010 may carry "CODAN" or "EILCO" brand names. It is type approved by the APO.



Freq range:  2 - 12Mhz   (2 - 15)

Channels:   upto 6

Operating Modes:   A3J SSB, A3H AM.

Output Power:  A3J 1000W (500W) PEP 2tone test, A3H 250W nominal (125W)

Valves:   4x 4CX250B

RF Impedence: 50 ohms nominal

Dimensions: 52cmW x 58.4cmD x 142.2cmH  (Standard 19" Panels)

Weight:   "Heavy"


           Multi-channel       Single-channel

1Kw      7010A/7021           7010D/7021

500W    7010B/7021           7010E/7021