Codan 6801 Mk2c-24v

6801-S Mk2C

  An all solid state 120 watt PEP unit meeting

Third Schedule of Commonwealth Navigation

(Radio) Regulations.


Approved for limited coast station use and may be remotely controlled


This latest C series transceiver is electrically identical to the now superseded B series but new finish colours and front panel styling changes have been introduced to match other equipment in our product range.

A mute facility, operator selectable, effectively eliminates background (atmospheric) noise in the absence of a signal.

An impulse noise limiter, when selected, virtually eliminates interference from ignition and other sources during signal reception periods.

An optional alarm signal generator, internally fitted, complies with both international and Australian Department of Communications specifications.

Broadband block filtering design techniques in the transmitter output circuitry ensure that the unit can be inter-changed between installations without technician adjustment. Thick film and flow soldering ensures high reliability.

The transceiver case is effectively isolated from the primary source—no electrolysis problems.

The equipment is designed for easy maintenance and rapid installation and is backed by a 12 months warranty—service is available from an Australia-wide distributor network with Codan product expertise firmly established over many years of experience. This product is produced by Codan, the largest manufacturer in Australia of HF single sideband communications equipment and one that has achieved worldwide recognition with export to over 70 countries.



A comprehensive range of operationally proven loaded marine whip antennas is available. The transceiver may also be used with conventional end-fed long wire (e.g. back-stay) antennas. Either antenna type must be installed and operated in conjunction with a suitable antenna tuner.


Frequency range

2—16      MHz

Crystal capacity


Channel capacity

1 0. Any combination of single and two frequency simplex channels is available within the limits of crystal capacity.

Operating modes

SSB (J3E). Compatible AM (A3E RX, H3E TX)

Primary voltage

Nominal DC                               12V        24V

Transmitter power PEP J3E     100W    120W

Output average H3E                   25W      30W

Primary power

Receive (no signal)                       025A                    0•25A

Transmit (average)                           6A                         4A

For 240/1 20V ± 10% AC operation use Type

711 3B power supply (12 volt transceiver only)

Size and weight

365 mm W x 140mm H x 354mm D

6.8kg (including mount)


The case is matt silver-grey and the panel is matt black with white lettering


Power on/off and Volume, Channel select,

Mute on/off, Mode-SSB, 2182 AM, Tune,

Clarifier, RF gain, TX power high/low, Impulse

noise limiter on/off

Indicator lamps

Power on, Transmit output

Accessories (standard)

Hand PTT microphone, DC power cord,

Mounting bracket, Operating instruction card,

Installation handbook


Antenna tuners

For shipboard installations the Type 6801 -S Mk2C transceiver requires either the Type 7411 Mk2B manual or Type 7403-S preset tuner. Separate data sheets are available for both antenna tuner types.




AS    Fit antenna selector/tuner control socket

BA   Fit operating channel. Single

         frequency simplex (Specify frequency)

BB    Fit operating channel two frequency

         simplex (Specify transmit and receive frequencies)

E      Fit alarm call generator facility M Fit CW facility

RC   Fit for remote control of all functions (includes option AS) with front panel mounted local/remote/monitor control switch. Used with

         7003K/7102K remote control or code

         618 control head


Accessory code

027          Handbook for Type 7411 Mk2B
084          Service manual for Type 6801 Mk2 series transceiver
113          Marine installation hardware kit
114          Marine interference suppression kit
155         ‘Dynaplate’ grounding device
157          E plate (radio earth plate) for fibreglass or wooden vessels
501B       AC power supply Type 7113B, 13 volt
                DC regulated, with ‘No Break’ facility and interface cable
600          Telephone handset complete with cable and connector
601          Desk microphone complete with cable and connector
604          Morse key complete with cable and connector
605          Weatherproof extension loudspeaker
705          Copper earth strip 50 mm >< 046 mm
                (26 gauge) for connecting transceiver
                to dynaplate or E plate