Codan 6801 Mk2

Frequency Range

2 - 16MHz coverage

10 channel (14 frequencies)

Impulse noise limiter

Two tone call encoder*


LSB operation* in addition to USB

automatic 2 frequency simplex*

AM compatible*

VOX facility*

CW facility*


50Hz, -10C to 50C amd 10% supply variation

Power Supply

12 or 24 volt models

Receive, 250mA

A3J average voice transmit

A3H, A3J two tone transmit

Transmitter Output Power

100W PEP

IF and Selectivity

Crystal Filter 1650kHz

SSB 300 - 2800Hz, 6dB

SSB 70dB down at -1 and +4.2kHz

AM 3kHz, 6dB

AM 60dB down at 14kHz