Codan 4203 Antenna Tuner

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Antenna tuner CODAN 4203

Antenna tuner 4203 is designed to work with Longwire and Whip antennas on ships or fixed stations.

Antenna tuner 4203 is fully automatic, Just press "Tune" on the transceiver  on the selected channel antenna.

Will normally tune a 8.8M longwire from 2-24 Mhz-Has the option to switch between two antennas.


Option with one antenna
Frequency Range 2-24 MHz
Recommended antenna Length. 8.8 m
The length of the antenna type "long wire", including wire length reduction and ground conductor minimum length of 8.5 m
maximum length m.
Option with two antennas
Antenna 1-bandwidth : 2-5MHz
Antenna Wire Length(loaded) : 5.5 m minimum
6.7 m length recommended
Antenna 2-band 5-24MHz
Antenna Wire Length : 5.5 m minimum
6.7 m length recommended
Maximum RF power 400W(voice only)
100 W (data)
DC Current
1.2 A maximum
Input Impedance 50 ohms
Dimensions and weight 320mm W mm x 5.5 kg