CODAN 9323/9360 Series





The 9323/9360/9390/9780 ran from 1993 to about 2003

All control head PCBs were SMD.  The main transceiver PCBs were initially

manufactured using through hole construction, but switched to SMD around 2001.


Control Head Cross reference:


The 9323 uses the 9330 control head



The 9360 uses the 9366 control head


Radio Firmware Version info:


(approx dates)

1993- V1.xx Firmware

1994- V2.xx firmware

1995- V3.xx Firmware

1997- V4.xx Firmware


You must match the head firmware with the transceiver, only use a V2.xx head with a v2.xx transceiver.


Main Transceiver PCBs:


               Through Hole Processor Board.                                                                     Through Hole IF Board



Internal Control Head shots:


                   LCD Display                                        Remote Head PCB                                          Replacement Keypad

 9313    9480   


Keypad and LCD Repair Information - Click Here


Microphone Socket Pinouts

Pin 1 Speaker audio out (usually linked to pin 7)
Pin 2 Microphone audio
Pin 3 Earth
Pin 4 Data to Transceiver                               
Pin 5 PTT/Data from Transceiver
Pin 6 13.6 volts supply
Pin 7 Speaker audio to front panel speaker


Microphone keypad encoder PCB.

Note: IC1 (above) is actually a I/R remote control encoder Chip.

This means that a standard DTMF Mic will not work on a Codan 9xxx.

Picture By Ian Ross UK  Thanks.


Antenna Control Cable Wiring

9350 Antenna Control Cable

Wiring  Info for 85xx/9xxx radios:

15 pin D                         6 Pin Mil. Connector                    Configuration

12, 13                            A                                                    +12VDC

14,15                             B                                                    Gnd

4                                    C                                                    Tune

5                                    D                                                    Scan

11                                  E                                                    Tuned Indicator

 -                                    F                                                    Not Used


GPS connection

RS232 socket on rear of Main Transceiver.

Tip-Radio data input

Ring-Radio data output

Sleeve- Ground


For a Very Handy Guide on how to Personalise your 9323/9360/9780/9390 via the

Keypad Menu System Click Here




9323 Programming lead

Available at


Manuals & Handbooks

9323 User Guide and reference Manual are available at : ... Once there,  just Click on the "Manuals and Downloads" section of the top menu .