7727 Options & Codes Explained


Code        Option Explanation

L              Lower Side Band  LSB

U             Upper Side Band   USB

LU           LSB in addition to USB

BA           One Single Frequency Simplex Channel (Specify Frequency)

BB           One Two Frequency Simplex Channel (Specify transmit and receive frequencies)

CAN        Clarifier, Narrow RX only

CBN        Clarifier, Narrow TX & RX

CAW       Clarifier, Wide RX only

CBW       Clarifier, Wide TX & RX

E              Emergency Call Facility

AS           Antenna Selector

PL            Extension Loudspeaker Socket

PB           Balanced Audio Output Low Z or 600Ohms

N             Noise Limiter

Q             Mute Facility

RA           Extended Local Control of power, noise limiter, mute and clarifier where fitted.

                requires code 614 or code 615 extended local control head.

                NOTE: Option AS is only available on 3 channels when Option RA is fitted.

                (Channel Selection from control head is not available)



Code           Accessory

058             Technical Service Manual

030              Instruction Manual

400/1          Centre Fed Dipole Antenna

402             End Fed broadband antenna system with 30mtrs RG58 cable. range 2-10Mhz

403             End Fed Long wire antenna kit. specify frequency requires type 7208 antenna tuner.

600             Telephone Handset with PTT

601             Desk Microphone with PTT

107             Vehicle mounting kit

306/1-5       Helical Whip antenna 1.83mtrs long. suffix indicates number of taps.

304              Base Loaded 2 frequency mobile whip 3.35mtrs long with automatic relay switched frequency selection.

                    Supplied with base mounting assembly. requires Option AS to be fitted.

301              Spring mount base for all code 300 series antennas - supplied with UHF coax connector.

401              Quick erect dipole antenna kit type LW/5 supplied with 10mtrs RG58 cable & connector.

501x            AC power supply type 7113 supplied with interconnection cable.

603              Extension Loudspeaker

614-608      Extended local remote control head. desk mount

615-609      Extended local remote control head. vehicle mount

704              Interference Suppression kit.


Standard Accessories

(i) Supplied with each transceiver


Hand Microphone with PTT

12v - 24v DC power cable

Installation Manual