7515 & 7727  Internal Selcall Option.


Both variants of the radio's came in either 6 channel or 10 channel.

These radio's use similar selcall boards to that of the 8011, 8511, 8222, 8422 (see Museum Section for details)

Some radio's had a single Call button on the front panel which meant that only one number could be called.

Later models had either 3 or 4 thumbwheel switch's which allows the calling number to be set.

In the 3 switch model, the first digit was internally set (3XXX) leaving the last 3 digits to be selected.

The 4 digit version allowed all to be selected. (more flexible), both are compatible with each other.

The self ident number was also set internally which was usually set only once, (per owner or situation).

All versions still required Option PS to be installed aswell as the selcall board which was enclosed in a

metal case in order to keep RF from the PA interfering with the unit.

Different versions of board used different cpu's, other then that basically the same.


Caution:- earlier 2 & 3 digit variants are NOT compatible with the later 4 digit protocol.

earlier 2 digit will call other 2 digit radio's, same with the 3 digit variant.




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